Sunday, April 10, 2011

Even I was ready for a new post.

So the left tree asks the right tree, "dude, how do I get on to the Internet"? The right tree answers, "you log in dummy"!

Whilst on the woody perennial plant theme, unbelievably it's jacaranda season again. They are such majestic beauties and with the lush fields and moody clouds of upcountry as a backdrop, their color really jumps out.

As did these sun beams on my way home from work Friday night.

Despite having a closet in my house where everything goes to die, I don't consider myself a pack rat. However, the amount of shit I gathered for my garage sale this weekend would dispute that fact. I'll be honest, I was embarrassed at the amount of stuff that surfaced, that being said the $580 I made getting rid of it helped ease my shame!

There's a new kit in town....Cleopatra, who belongs to my neighbors. I joke with my tenants that they can have cats so long as they don't meow (nothing more annoying) and shockingly, neither of the two compound cats utters a word, purrrrrfect.

Last week as I drove by the harbor to check out the swell, I felt actual sadness at what I saw. My favorite buoy washed up and rendered useless, all naked and vulnerable, one can only assume by the tsunami surge. I'm crossing my fingers it will be back in its rightful and dignified place soon.

On your marks....

get set.....



Leedslass said...

Hey, lucky you, making so much dough on a yard sale (you'd have to sell it from your car boot if you were here). That must be pretty much well on the way to paying for the new dresser? Wish we lived nearer, you could have flogged off my 300 plus dvds!
Love your critter pictures but I'm so ignorant, what is it? Some type of lizard but does he/she have a name? The jacaranda in bloom brought back lovely memories of "up country" almost six years ago when I was last capable of visiting :-)(

Leedslass said...

Meant also to comment on your jokey first picture - I'm guessing that's not one of yours?

Anonymous said...

Which camera are you mostly using now???????

Mchumbie said...

Oh my goodness, I should have checked your blog more often. How on earth did I manage to miss the jacaranda AND your yard sale when we were right there on Maui?!!
Was great to see you and hope to be there again next Spring. Are you planning another sale next year? By the way, check Mich's FB for details of the great 10 cent book sale. We came back weighed down with reading matter!

Sharon said...

Leedslass: We'd have both had made a fortune with your good swag for sale. The Lizard is a brown anole, common, cute and invasive.

Anon: Truth is, space permitting I normally take both.
Though I was thinking the other day I'd like to replace the SX10! After my garage sale I have a new rule, gotta sell the old one first.

Mchumbie:As my paperbacks were 50c and hardbacks $1, you scored! Plus with the exchange rate your books were really 6c each :-)

Great as always to see you and Gordon, next time I'll come and grab you both for the upcountry tour.

Mchumbie said...

Will look forward to the tour! We hope to be there at begining of March next year, all being well, so hope the jacaranda is around then!

me said...

Oh, so funny! Sad to miss the sale could have used a beach chair/books. Love the pics as always. See you on the water.