Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flowers, fun and felines.

I got a message on my cell phone saying " Sharon, I have some beautiful flowers and I want to give them to you". My friend Kanara wasn't kidding and I so appreciated her donation of 'function flowers' into my home.

Talking of donations...I'm guessing most people won't know they've contributed to this collection.

Early Saturday morning I went to Kanaha and while I knew it was too big for me, I figured there had to be something I could play on. I figured wrong! It took 45 minutes of falling before I called it quits.

And lets face it no one wants to see this in the line up!

But I wasn't done so headed to the harbour sure it wouldn't be breaking, but for the second time in an hour I was wrong!

Good grief woman get up, up, up on the lip!

I was still falling but having sooooooo much fun.

Let me tell you - we've all done it, you come in off the water, go to grab the key that's around your neck only to discover it's still in the door. I went from panic to elation in one second when I discovered everything was still there. Phew!

And it's always nice to come home to a friendly face.


GW Bill Miller said...

Hey Sharon. Watch this, you will like it.

Sharon said...

Thanks TG. Teahupoo is frighteningly beautiful with that phantom camera.

Leedslass said...

I rarely get a donation of flowers but always buy myself some - a home isn't a home without flowers.
Funny post on the wheel trims - you and Red could have saved some brass and nicked four for my motor, I'm sure the fence owners wouldn't have noticed.
Alternatively, when I do get round to having my car major valeted and the new trims fitted, I could donate my old ones!
When you wrote of "donations" I thought you had put all the "Paley" trophies in one picture. I'm guessing there's now no reason for you ever to be homesick with all the cast-offs you've stashed:-)
I don't like cats but that cat is looking at you in a very knowing way. Good post - v. enjoyable on a cold and windy January morning in England.

Leedslass said...

I meant to comment, what a lucky thing you are not to have everything purloined from your truck - phew - and how unusual in today's society.