Saturday, August 08, 2009

Birthday felicitations.

I like back stories to iconic photo's, here's a good one from the Beeb. Even better, here's the real deal to match the sound track that's now playing in your head.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

At the time I thought the Beatles was the greatest most innovative band that ever was. Later I would put the Eagles up close to them, but the Fab Four's music still sounds fresh to me.

Anonymous said...

Having seen that "live" on the tv I was going to relate the cab driver's comments for your readers but I can save myself the effort as he's in the report.

I have to agree with TG about their music sounding still as good today as it did 40 years ago.

Mater x

OMG I cannot believe where 40 years has gone!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once there was a way I lived my life listening to the Beatles, especially Abbey Road. They were in my ears and in my eyes all the time, it was very strange. I thought it was one sweet dream, now I don't think of them very often, my obsession is long over, they have been removed from my subconscious. Or at least, I've got to admit it's getting better!

Thanks for the post, Sharon!

Ely from NYC

Sharon said...

Guess we all had our own relationship with them. On my recent trip to Durango, I hung out with Steve who's just 21 and the Ranch Manager at Floyd & Michaels place. He started singing a Beach Boys song and said "a little John Lennon for you"........ah the youth of today!

Anonymous said...

Just adding to this reminiscent site, I heard the Karen Carpenter song of "Only Yesterday" this weeknd and she sounded as sweet as when I first heard the Carpenters.
At least with the Beatles, Beach Boys, Carpenters, et al you can always sing alonga which is more than can be said of today's rubbish. Sorry, that's ageist, I should have said the majority of....

Mater x