Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giraffe views

At 3pm on Friday I sent an e-mail to my business partner "is it ok if I sneak off"? I typed, "of course", came her generous reply and 10 minutes later I was laying here on the beach reading and wondering why I don't play hooky more often?

Majestic Maui.

Now, let's get down to the serious business of giraffe drawing. There's a comical website that was created out of a bet between friends, a gauntlet was thrown that one million Giraffe's can (or cannot) be created and collected by 2011. Nothing can be made on the computer, infact that's part of the goal..... to pry us away from our screens and play the old fashioned way. Here's my entry along with another goody, another and yet another. Check out the statistics and random Giraffe selection of bottom their site, good clean dumb fun and yes, I know I have too many brushes. Just one more........PS


Anonymous said...

No idea where your first picture is but I'm guessing the West Maui mountains is your second and I love the giraffe pictures - funny.

Not sure how I go about posting one otherwise I'd join in!
Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: I'll show you once we make a Giraffe out of your Cheese and Onion crisps.

mchumbie said...

What artistic talent! If there's a prize for the best giraffe, you'll surely win it, it was way better than the others I saw.

Anonymous said...

You're on!