Friday, August 21, 2009

Soft pedaling,

All forms of transportation have their perks and for me, my bike provides the freedom to explore, while getting a workout and the joy of being able to carry my camera. Tootling along the road to Hana I jumped off when the urge grabbed me for a closer look at nature's fantastic creations.

'ohhhhhh look down there!"

Sean Penn said of Alaska, "I'd never seen anything like it, it was like nature on steroids". I say Hawaii is a bit like nature on pakalolo.

I rest my case.....

These old irrigation ditches divert water from the East Maui water shed to quench the thirst of the sugar industry and upcountry residents like myself. The first 17-mile leg of a 74-mile ditch system was organized in 1874 and as we all know everything is connected. So the consequence of me having water in my taps is that native species that lived in the once abundant streams and taro farmers and residents of East Maui are (to put it mildly) parched.

Drat and double drat, what happened? I was having such a nice time showing you nature and all of a sudden man comes along and puts his big foot in it and I can't help but tell it like it is.

OK-wait, here's a nice bridge that man built so we can do some things right.....right?

....though you have to admit it pales in compassion to this bamboo forest. When driving I always anticipate this vista as it never ceases to take my breath away. With pedal power I was able hop off the saddle and really take a moment to soak in the wiggly panorama. BTW, did you know the word 'pedal' has it's origins dating back to the 17th century and comes (of course) from the latin word 'pedalis' or 'a foot in length'.

Okey-dokey now everyone take a big inhale of the delicate fragrance of the lovely ginger which accompanied me, along with the aroma of squashed guava whose pulpy roadside guts will make a delicious meal for someone I'm sure.

As I headed home I thought "you know you're in Hawaii when...."


Anonymous said...

You make me feel so "homesick" for Maui with those beautiful photographs. How I wish I was able to make the journey again.

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

Sharon's photos and comments are the next-best things to being there.

cammar said...

Thanks for sharoning. I mean, sharing.

PS. Did you take your last shot while pedaling? Seems a bit dodgy...

Anonymous said...

I've just remembered to look up the word "pakalolo" - hadn't a clue what you were talking about!

Mater x

Sharon said...

Thanks for the compliments and Cammar I took the photo whist driving, not riding....way dodgy!