Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tropical Depression.

"Ok-my emergency bag is packed, I've got adequate supplies, the decks are cleared and the server at work is backed up", I said to myself on Monday "now", I thought "all I can do is surrender". I'd been a busy bee (ok possibly a bit manic) as slacking off was just not my thing when Hurricane Felicia, wait Tropical Storm Felicia, wait, Tropical Depression Felicia was heading Maui's way. Friends were not sure whether to mock me or feel sorry for me......they all veered toward the former.

Talking of mocking and depression......"In my world hell has officially frozen over", I said to the lady from whom I'd just purchased my latest pair of sandals. Not exactly CFM's but my feet love them.

Anyway-there's nothing like dodging a weather bullet to make you grateful for where you live...... and for your Birkenstocks.


Anonymous said...

Oh bless - wish I was there to give you a comforting cuddle and protect you from the nasty storms.
However, I'm not and I can't so answer me this Daughter Dear - what are CFMs and I feel I should be in awe of your Birckenstocks - should I?
Never mind, just think you'll be in England's green and pleasant land in a month's time :-) Don't bother bringing a brolly, I have plenty.

Mater x

Meesh said...

Shaz, there are some things that GP is not a guru of, and that's fashion & footwear. Take his advice on boards, but leave the shoe suggestions at the door, even if they are the comfiest things on earth!

Lano said...


Lano said...

PS: Make sure Meesh shares her Tim Tams and other SA treats

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Wow, that's the most awesome rainbow I have seen in a very long time. Well captured. Back to visit Mater in a month? You are quite the world traveler.

Stick with the Bircks, I say comfort over fashion every time. I am a Crocs person myself, a brown pair for everyday, and black ones for dress up!

Sharon said...

Mater:hmmmm google CFM's! As for the Birckies 'awe' is not the word that comes to mind, 'shame' might be more appropriate!

Meesh: Not to worry, they're for 'indoor' use only, those buggers will not see the light of day. Be warned, I'm gonna make you wear them next time you're up here!

Lano: LOL-you must DWT a lot to be so fluent in acronyms?!. Tim Tams are on their way? I take back everything I just said and am going to stand next to Meesh in public adorning my new footwear, until she bribes me with chocies to go away!

TG: Caught the rainbow while driving to work...not the smartest of moves! I'm with you on the comfort front and I'm sure Mrs.TG appreciates your style and flare when you switch from brown to black!

cammar said...

Birks rock! Too bad they make my feet smell...

And I'm a guru of everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Checked out CFM - naughty - but I do understand what you mean - some are and some definitely are not.
All I have to do now is to try and sort out what BBS and CBF means.
It's a whole new world out there for your Mater x