Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The French Connection.

Having ridden up from sea level at 6:30am on Sunday morning, the first aid station for Cycle to the Sun is at 3,200 ft. It's lovingly run by Jami & Nancy, this year sporting the apropos theme of
the Tour de France.

It's good clean fun to wake up early, put on your best Le French togs and hand out libations with a friendly 'Salut'. Our aim was to add a smile to the faces of the 170 Mesdames et Messieurs that found it in themselves to ride to the top of Haleakala.

No baguette was safe.....!

Our host and hostess demonstrate the versatility of this long and narrow loaf! Note; the lady in the background was simply a well dressed impostor.

Later, inspired by all that stamina I went for a short ride from my house. One of these days I'll have to try a road bike because it's inconceivable to me how people can ride for so long.....praps I should take heed of these wise words from MC Spandex!

Au revoir.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Freewheel is an annual 6 day ride across the state of Oklahoma - Texas to Kansas via some combination of secondary roads. We did it as a family for years when the kids were in high school and college. It was about 400 to 450 miles over the week, the average day was about 60 miles - more if it was flat and less if hilly. The camping gear went in a duffel bag on the back of a truck to be hauled to the next stop in a small town park or athletic field. It was a lot of fun but could be tiring if the rider was not prepared. That is a long time on a bicycle saddle. I will tell you that it was not the legs which gave out first.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Nancy have such good ideas for fancy dress in their goodwill activites and you all look "bonne" in your outfits.

Bonjour ma chere. Mwah, Mwah, Mwah from your Maman.

Sharon said...

TG: Wow 60 miles a day is not for slackers, what a fun family thing to do. I think the most I've even ridden in a day was 35- 40 miles.....so I can relate to the legs not being the issue!

Jami and Nancy have the gift of giving in the athletic arena. They put on the 'Aluminum Man' not so serious race series for free about 6 times a year. They create a swim/run course open to all abilities and regularly get attendance numbering 60- 90. It's truly a labour of love.

lorenzo said...

you guys are awesome!! i can only imagine all the smiles you put on every cyclist as they plowed up the hill...