Thursday, September 24, 2009

All the world's a stage.

"It's beautiful", said Jules "if you've never been, you've got to go". Well with that endorsement we zoomed off to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see Anne Hathaway's cottage. "Did it hold up to her description"? I hear you ask. Well, it did, but while the cottage and grounds were picturesque there was tinge of British naffness attached to the whole experience. For example; we couldn't locate the 'sound system of Shakespeare quotes' as we sat in the garden arbor. "But wait fair maiden, what's that in yonder corner"?, "tis a Tupperware box is it not"?, "make haste then friend and bust it open"! Bloody hell we laughed our arses off as we broke into the box and pushed 'play' on the ancient tape recorder, which barely played anything audible from the one sad little speaker. British ingenuity at work!

However, the cottage was a veritable haven in comparison to the Americanized exhibit that is Shakespere's birthplace. Interesting yes, well maintained yes, helpful staff...very, but it just didn't feel right that this historical site had become 'attractionized'. Let's just say it wasn't our cup of tea and worst of all, I bought into it (let me confess right now) and overpaid for a Shakespeare Christmas ornament! Agh....

What are a pair of girls to do but go to 'The Old Thatch Tavern' for lunch and order EVERY appetizer on the menu!

The next day, assuring ourselves that we'd now stick to our tired and true 'follow your nose' plan, we found ourselves much more at home on the Portobello Road.

As we sipped coffee we leisurely meandered in and out of some proper fabby antique stores. We perused the market stalls, all the while eavesdropping on conversations spoken in every accent under the sun and generally basked in being tuned in, tapped in and turned on.

Talking of antiques.......

We had to do it....

All I can say is this, if you're in London I highly recommend you go and make a fool of yourself to get this idiotic iconic picture. As traffic is constantly being halted by fake nitwit crossers (as shown above), the laughs at yourself and others are totally worth the humiliation.

I couldn't have said it better myself!


Anonymous said...

Interesting picture gallery of Stratford and London. There was quite a furore about the zebra crossing on tv the other week because of the 40th anniversary of the Beatles. The taxi drivers absolutely loath people such as you and Julie - I believe you're quoted as "a pain in the arse".

Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: It's a really busy road and I had to cross 'properly' a few times before I was willing to hold up traffic for a snap. Plus lotsa folks don't care and just stand there goofing I can totally understand the zebra's reputation.

Anonymous said...

Now if your Ma was sitting in the chair outside that shop the name would be totally apposite!!!

Out of interest, did you hear much English spoken?

Mater x

Tulsa Gentleman said...

It is totally proper and fitting that you should do homage to the finest band that ever lived by aping their iconic stroll, cab drivers be damned.

There is a similar warren of shops in the alleys behind the beach side row of elegant old hotels along the boardwalk in Brighten. So many wonderful things to buy, so little money to buy it with. What a wonderful way to waste an afternoon.