Monday, September 21, 2009

London and Windsor.

Despite the Mercedes Benz Jules had rented and parked in front of our flat, it took the purchasing our Oyster cards to make us feel like we'd 'arrived'. However, using it took careful observation of another commuter to figure out how to swipe it (we are indeed strangers in our own land). Yes, yes we all know, mind the bloody gap!

The Long Walk at Windsor was one of our few 'must do's'. It's a three mile stroll from the castle to the statue of King George III and as we walked in a delightfully empty park, I believe the potency of our contentment (for a moment) made the whole world a more peaceful place.


Polo anyone?

As luck would have it, we started our return journey as the only working hackney cab in the park came clopping up behind us. "Can we grab a ride" I asked...."well, I am a taxi" he said. "how much then"? we asked, "Twenty Quid", he replied and with an unspoken unequivocal yes, Jules and I climbed into a 100 year old horse drawn cab and 'lady mucked' our way back into Windsor.

We'd been fantasizing about the perfect man and possible perfect park moments, but hadn't had the foresight to conjure up this spectacular experience.

One last look......

After buying provisions grown on the castle grounds at the Windsor Farm Shop, we hopped off the bus in Eaton to browse through the antique stores, sip beer by the river and congratulate ourselves on a magnificent day. Jules will be going home with a Victorian bread board and myself, a silver tipped cane!

Back in London after a hard days meandering we pondered if we should have a Snog, but decided against it.....down boys!


Anonymous said...

After all the various men in your life who'd have thought your perfect man was a hump-backed one wearing a pinnie? I never would have guessed that one!

Did you really buy a silver-topped cane - there's a Paley family heirloom residing here with great, great Grandfather Arthur Paley's name on it - I'd have given it to you!!!!

Looks like you're both having a brill time and, lucky you, the sun is shining :-)

Mater x

Mchumbie said...

What a great day. I can quite see the attraction of the guy with the horse and carriage when you are 3 miles from your car, in spite of the pinnie.