Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lahaina Pali Trail

"That thing is so ugly", I remember thinking when I first drove by the net curtain that hugs the cliffs as you drive toward Lahaina. However, over the years I've come to appreciate this chain link armor that protects the main artery road, connecting the West side to the North Shore.

It's quite a feet of engineering, bolted into the side of the mountain and draped lovingly over the voluptuous curves of the hill side.

Inspired by a bunch of friends hiking into the crater this weekend for an overnighter, I decided a good walk in the wilderness was on the cards, (or perhaps I just needed the validation that I'm not a strenuous hiker chick?).

" The Lahaina Pali Trail is an old Hawaiian horse and foot trail built in the early 1800s. The trail was used as a more direct route across the arid southern slopes of the West Maui Mountains, connecting Lahaina and Olowalu with Maalaea and Wailuku. There are two trailheads that zigzag up the mountain, crossing ridges and gullies to the 1,600-foot ridge."

The views were amazing, nice downwinder on a flat day.

My goal was to reach the 20 wind turbines at the top of the ridge. As I huffed and puffed my way up the hill I decided this was close enough to tick the 'I got to windmills' box!

The turbines spin independently of one another, but for a few joyful revolutions these three were in perfect sync. It was a 'Christopher' moment of pleasure....(the protagonist of 'The Curious Incident Of The dog In The Nighttime').

It's a wonderfully baron and wind swept place and for the most part I had the journey to myself.

Shade was in short supply so these kiawe trees were more appreciated than those whose thorns stick in my feet at Kanaha.

The 10:00 am snorkel.

Not to be outdone by the tourists on the 'Four Winds', upon returning to my truck I pealed off my sweaty gear in favor of a clean bikini and was in the water within minutes. Ahhhhhhhhh never had a quick dip been more appreciated and as the hike was rated 'difficult', I'll also say deserved! Thank f**k I didn't hike the crater (but damn I hate missing out on a good time)!


Anonymous said...

This sort of post underlines why you'll never come back to Blighty on a permanent basis - and who can blame you? You really do live in paradise and it was nice to be reminded of the mesh-covered "wall" that one passes on the way to Lahaina. Memories :-)

Mater x

Sharon said...

Mater: No matter where you live there's always something to explore......I guess Maui just has more pretty bits than most, but not all places.

MChumbie said...

After seeing Meesh's pictures of the hike, I think you took the wise option. She also said it was raining, so you won again.
Anne: I feel quite nostalgic about the mesh cliff too, even if it is ugly.

cammar said...