Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yorkshire pride.

Yorkshire is brilliant. It's as rough as it is smooth, as beautiful as it is plain and more than anything it's real. It was a great week filled with simple family visits, amazing walks and runs in the park, together with the merging of my palate as a grown up with my taste buds as a spog. Yes, yes, yes, gray is the cliche colour for English weather but when the sun comes have to be here to delight in the jewels that are illuminated by the late morning sun.

I walked into the green grocers and what hit me was the wondrous smell.......Jesus, it's been years since I smelt veggies as good as those. In comparison, Safeway is just a sanitised odor free zone of cleaned, packaged and ready made food. Convenient for sure, but the olfactory joy of sniffing out what you want to eat is hard to beat.

Nature doing it's thing.
A ginger inspired Rooney....bless.

Ducking for cover.
Mummy in the zen of her embroidery.

Anyway.....I have left the tranquility of the North and headed down South (like a migrating Loiner) to London. I can't bloody wait to trog around some of my old haunts, catch the tube, gasp at the architecture and have a damn good time with my best mate Jules.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely visit and my little home is sooooo quiet now you have left! I loved our visit to Boroughbridge - more than helped that we had a warm, sunny day to sit out in. (I've deliberately mentioned B as you never seemed to be able to remember the place and I thought I was the one with the poor memory)!!!!

mater x

Lano said...

That kid is more Scholes than Rooney,

meesh said...

Oooo, a bit green for pints, and the old country over here! Have a great time in London with Jules.

Mchumbie said...

Those pictures made even me feel nostalgic! Must go up North again soon. Was hoping for a pic of you on Ilkley Moor baht 'at though...