Sunday, May 29, 2011

All you need is love.

Who doesn't love a wedding?

Especially when you're the stunningly beautiful bride.

Today, Andres and Emilia declared their love for each other in one of the sweetest, simplest and most laid back weddings I've ever attended.

Even the son of God was doing his bit, looking as dignified as one can when emblazoned on a reusable grocery bag. It brings a whole new meaning to 'Jesus Saves'.

A perfect illustration of the laid back vibe.

Don't try this at home kids, but do take in the beauty of this little short film which is another journey of love.

Meanwhile, in other news...... I decided to pass on sailing this weekend as it was blowing a ridiculous 26-40mph. However, there's never a time I don't feel better for riding in the forest (not counting when I went over the handlebars and got a bar end in my boob), but rest assured it's a solid fix for a nature junkie.

I set my ipod on shuffle and off I went, matching the cadence of whatever randomly played in my ears. They say the lord works in mysterious ways and I guess if he can help cart the groceries, he call also help with my steady uphill grind. Which he did with this one by Wilco called 'Jesus, Etc'. If I knew how to play the violin I'd have bored everyone I know to death playing this piece of music....luckily I play the Uke so you can all still enjoy it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ho'okipa offerings.

At low tide I padded around Hookipa looking for a shot, but was too impatient to hang around for a corker.

This one however caught my eye as now I know (post clinic) that throwing a rooster tail is as much of a learned windsurfing skill as any other. This one gets a 6.5 out of 10 from the British judge.

This looks like Mark Angulo and his mutant....but what do I know?

Feminine prettiness collecting shells.

Talking of Hookipa, this beautiful fish used to live there and how rude of me not to have removed the kitchen sponge before David Baileying my dinner. It does give you pause that just hours before this beautiful creature was swimming in the ocean and the next thing you know it's caught, is in a cooler, then stuffed in a bag with his head down the garbage disposal at my house. The value placed on it's life was a mere $10.00, oh the indignity of it all.

What can do, but honor it by making a delicious dinner and not wasting a morsel.

And finally, remember my friendly neighborhood heavily prego preying mantis? Well she (or one of her girlfriends) just deposited her egg sack on the hand rail of my front stairs. I overrode my homeowner urge to scrape it off and am now eagerly awaiting the happy event. Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday fun day.

After a brilliant week of sailing, the weather went to shit, then my health quickly followed, so in short I've not been on the water for two weeks. As some of my people fled Maui for adventures in France & Namotu, I awoke early and laid in bed listening to Radio 1's Big Weekend and sipping tea. What to do, what to do?

What won the vote was a SUP sesh on the south side. At 7:30am there was only one person who could possibly be there already to give me an accurate report, so I sent a text to zeeeee German (aka Melanie) as I left the house.

Remember Melanie? She's one of the two fabby women I went to Ireland with last year.

Her return call made me U turn at the bottom of Haleakala Highway and head back change to my bigger 10ft board. Within the space of 45 minutes I'd signed up for the Olukai three mile downwinder, looked like a complete twat doing jumping jack warm ups, said 'hello' to a bunch of friends I'd not seen in ages and.......

........looked up at a helicopter dumping petals in the water. Bloody hell, not too shabby for an impromptu Saturday morning.

Post paddle our day flowed effortlessly as we bungeed our boards and I dropped Melanie off for a coffee.

Here! 'Here' turned out to be our vertically challenged friend Big Mike's new pad and we weren't the only visitors, he's quite the popular chap with his new digs.

I raced home, downed (in a very unlady like fashion) a cup of green tea and loaded up my windsurf gear. Drat and double drat, foiled again Batman-the bouys for the main 1pm Olukai race were right at lowers where I love to sail. Nothing to be done but wait it out until all the competitors crossed the line.

I love this shot, we all do it, just randomly dump our footwear and hope it will be there (or in my case that I remember it) upon our return.

The board room.

The games room.

Text reads: "Brah, I like pau in 20, bring da beer".

I paddled, I sailed, I conquered and as I happily drove back up the hill for the third time that day, my shuffle brought up this great song that seemed to match my warm and fuzzy feel, so I cranked it.