Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Knaresborough and the birds.

With an afternoon to spare, I took myself off to Knaresborough. It's a picturesque little town dominated by the 14th century castle ruins that overlook the viaduct.

These Ravens were hand reared from a pair at The Tower of London. They're approachable and one of them can evidently swear like a trooper!

Supposedly they're free to fly off, despite their loose tether which might suggest otherwise.


Rowing is fun, but less so at five pounds a person!

As I walked around in a picture postcard setting, it started to drizzle and I succumbed to a '99', a soft whipped ice cream with a chocolate flake stuck in it, proclaiming it's status as the Rolls Royce of all Mr. Whippy's treats. The first few bites were so worth it, but as I ate the last bit of cone I confess I felt slightly sick. We used to come here when I was a kid and go to the sweet shop for a box of Jolly Jelly Junglies....Jesus, thank God I didn't find those or I'd have vomited.

And talking of gipping, any one for a spam fritter butty?!

I think this poor chap must have nibbled on one, as he sat in the middle of the road waiting to be run over and put out of his misery! Ahhhh bless.....

I also popped into Leeds for a quick afternoon walk-about. Despite this snap, it's a busy bustling place, but I'm always happiest on the outskirts with it's calm green canvas backdrop and local inhabitents.

Slightly pigeon toed and no tether here.

Happy duck.

 Swan lake (nice background duck dive).

Ginormous signets.

And just incase you had an incurable thirst... this hose is clearly not for you!

Enough gallivanting, back to my chores.


Leedslass said...

I do love your comments but I still think that pigeon is one of the best yet! He's definitely Lieutenant Pigeon, walking in a marked manner whilst singing Mouldy Old Dough!! Haven't a clue where you took your picture of Leeds, don't recognise it, nor even the blue bus! However, typical of a small Yorkshire town to sell butties in small and regular sizes. If I'd been with you on that day my choice would have been fish and nerks (chips) in newspaper with a little dash of vinegar.

Meesh said...

Luvley Jubley!