Sunday, November 29, 2009

The way I see it.

Upon waking this morning, my thoughts arose in the following order: "What a good sleep", "I think it's still early?", "yeah-I'm off today", "gotta pee", "wow-look at the moon", and (with ablutions completed) I slipped on my dressing gown and stepped outside for a digital moment.

Meanwhile, I was putting petrol in at the Shell station a few days ago and noticed I had company. As I stood there squeezing fuel with my left hand, my right brain was trying to figure out how to photograph my companions impressive shadow. Like a giant paparazzi I obnoxiously kneeled down right in her face and she quickly started advancing toward the shade. Before she made it this was the best shot I got.

At the back of Savers I was dropping off some old clothes and was momentarily mesmerized with joy at this simple and slightly asymmetrical vision.

MACC glass surrounds the parking lot trees and can often be found laying benignly in your parking space. Despite it's smoothed edges (and being the big girl that I am) I still avoid sitting my truck on top of it.

The Maui convertible. Shaka to you too Brah!

Pilgrim's progress.

Thanksgiving Eve saw massive surf that woke up the beast that is Jaws. I missed all the action due to work (why oh why can't these fronts come in on my days off?), but I received a nice consolation prize of a broody sunset at Hookipa.

The next day my mates Danny, Ian and Scotty hosted their classic annual Thanksgiving Day Paia Bay Invitational. These guys put a lot of juicy mojo into setting up a proper loosey goosey surf contest. There are of course rules, one of which is the judges must start drinking beer at 10:00am sharp!

Being spineless and crap at surfing, I fell into the professional spectator category (as did these people).

Ulli on the other hand is neither spineless nor afraid of big waves. This heady manouver (profuse apologies for the painful pun) advanced him to the second heat. (Pici nicked from Nayra Alonso).

It was not enough however to beat gorgeous ripper Tatiana (I think you can tell which one she is) who, despite not flashing her boobs was this years worthy winner.

Doggy style.

While I was enjoying the Wednesday evening sunset, Keevil-Wilson and Hayward Entertainment were digging an imu pit and sticking a Turkey and Ham in it for the post event soiree. What a fun night and probably the most delicious Turkey I've ever had. Standing O gents for all your effort and energy for (not only) putting on a surf competition, but feeding us all afterwards! Kitchen stats: 8 beautiful Brits, 1 wild Yugoslavian, 1 Frenchy frog, 1 Swiss Miss and just for the hell of it, 4 damn Yanks! (pici nicked from Danny Keevil).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's here!

Having checked on craigslist every day for six months for a used mountain bike, I finally said "stuff it" and ordered a new one. Having not trail ridden in years, I gingerly snuck into the Makawao forest for the inaugural ride.

I took it easy, not only so my body could get used to the hydraulic disc breaks and dual suspension, but also because I'd slung my trusty camera on my back. At a sunny spot a few miles in to the loamy trail, I took a moment to catch my breath and shoot some pici's of my new bike. I worked it from every angle lovingly snapping away, oblivious to the two hikers that showed up! They said nothing-so I matched them saying nothing in return, but inwardly felt a twinge of embarrassment at being caught indulging in such an doting pastime. I put my lens cap on, my ear buds in, clipped my shoes into my pedals and cycled away wanting distance and solitude so I could enjoy my maiden ride without feeling self conscious.

I breathed in the changing scenery of the forest, enjoying the mercurial terrain beneath my wheels that went from leaves to mud to branches to packed dirt and back to leaves again.

After peddling for a while I jumped off again to appreciate the dappled light. While the forest caught my attention for a while, one glance at my bike had me snapping away once more and caught up in the bliss of the day. Then bugger me, if I didn't look up again to see the same two hikers walking my way, busted again! For the second time in half an hour I put my lens cap on, my ear buds in, clipped my shoes into my pedals and stealthily cycled away.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Views from the last few days.

Moist mountains and sun baked banana leaves. Climate duality occurs on many levels, the smallest of which is at my house where (honestly) it can drizzle at the back and be dry in the front.....and my pad is not that big.

This bench has certainly been exposed to the elements for a while, I like its beachy feel, minimalist lines and simple functionality.

I'm guessing these guys are more gardeners than carpenters.

Here are all our goods and chattels being sent off Island. Whole lives are in some of those containers, I know as I've helped pack (an unpack) a few of them in my time.

The art of picking the right wave in action.

I parked at around 11:00am for a SUP session. With my fair complexion this is never wise, but the early morning low tide forced me to play later than my skin normally desires. It got increasingly hotter and as my retinas burned an hour later, I felt like I was on a watery mirage seeing whale flukes that weren't there and then started singing in my head Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

It's rare that my eyeballs are the reason to end a session, but my optometrist was 'tut-tut-ing' in my head, "there's the start of sun damage in your left eye" she'd advised. I cursed her sensible finger wagging as I paddled in.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rural roots.

The morning sun lit up these already bright yellow Starfruit, enough to make me stop and take a snap, plus at 'ten for a dollar' they were the deal of the day .

Ya know your life has turned rural when......

'Now that's a huge cock' is too predictable of a statement, but I'm feeling verbally lazy so that's what you get.

Talking of which, my neighbors have acquired a rooster that is situated a little too close to my bedroom window and I wake with its crowing in the wee early hours. I'm trying to figure out if it's the recent errant neighborhood cock that they've captured, or a new pet. Either way I'm debating my next move, one of which is crossing my fingers that they remove it before I have to knock on their door and fess up to not being a cock lover.

One stork of tuber rose is enough to transform the fragrance of a room in to a heavenly experience. At 50 cents a stork (and with three dollars in hand), my whole house smells positively divine.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Waves of fun.




The dogs bollocks....


Well bastard fast....



Sunday, November 01, 2009

Friends gone wild.

'Pubes gone wild' was the official name Michelle's absolute genius costume. (Mchumbie let me know if this one makes the Meesh file?)!

Not to be out done, Ulli (in an effort to regain his long lost youth) rigged his penis (the fake one) to rise and fall upon request.....which it did all night with the gusto of an 18 year old! We laughed our tits off, in fact Michelle literally did just that by losing a boob half way through the evening. Later it was rumored to have been seen lurking in one of the ladies loo's of our Paia pub crawl!

In a homage to Joe, one of Maui's favorite characters, Cheyenne blew kisses and boxed love around Paia, receiving an appreciative (and unprecedented) round of applause from the patrons at Milagro's. Some teenagers also heckled him and a random woman broke the ends of his cross, so next year he's vowed to dress as Ulli did this one!

I had stitched together a creative costume and stood admiring it (and myself) in the mirror all week. However, I made a fatal beginner mistake and neglected to road test said costume and as it was made out of CD's realized at the 11th hour I would not be able to drive or sit down in it! So I pulled out an old faithful from a few years ago and will start R & D earlier next year!

It's hard to say which Ashley is more afraid of, the birds or the baby?

The scariest thing of all however is this......